Specialty Gases

We offer the most complete gas product and gas mixtures in the market

“At SII, we offer a wide variety of specialty gas products, ranging from pure gases to the most complex mixed gases.  We have the capability to blend multi-component materials packaged into a cylinder.  Such gas mixtures will be used by chemical and process specialists, that allow for consistent results and optimum instrument performance.  In certain cases that involve application of gas mixtures, a subgroup of gas mixtures is used in analytical systems to make precise comparisons.  Each products manufactured and produced at SII meet the tightest specifications with reference to blend tolerance, analytical accuracy, traceability and stability.”


We manufactured and produced :

  • High Quality Standard / Calibration Gas and Liquid Mixtures
  • Industrial/Process Gas Mixtures
  • Ultra High Grade Pure Gas ( UHP )
Ultra-High Grade Pure Gases (UHP Gases)
  • Nitrogen ≥99.999%
  • Argon ≥99.999%
  • Oxygen ≥99.999%
  • Carbon Dioxide ≥99.999%
  • Helium ≥99.999%
  • Hydrogen ≥99.999%
  • Synthetic Air
  • Zero Air
  • Et

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